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Service Contracts

Continuum laser systems are designed and built to last well beyond the standard warranty period. In fact, many have been in operation for over a decade. However, all lasers do require some routine maintenance and occasionally may require service. Continuum offers a wide selection of customized service support solutions for our Scientific and Industrial customers. Some of these solutions include Service Contract Agreements for:

  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Remedial Maintenance
  • Diagnostics Services
  • Modifications of Equipment
  • Annual Service Contracts

These contracts provide a variety of benefits and offer a wide selection of support levels. Some of them include:

  • Priority On-site Response Time.
  • 2, 4, 8 or 12 Labor Days per year.
  • Parts Discount of 10% to 35% available on select contracts.
  • Site Contracts are available for multiple systems.

A periodic maintenance contract is the best way to ensure:

  • Sustained optimal performance - with each visit the laser is brought back to its maximum performance level.
  • Reduced down time - periodic inspection of parts that may be susceptible to everyday wear and tear allows you to proactively replace these components before they fail.
  • Longer laser lifetime - lasers operating at maximum efficiency run with less stress and simply last longer.
  • Reduced operating costs - lasers maintained at their peak performance and maximum efficiency won't drive lamps (diodes) and other consumables as hard thus extending their lifetime. The result is fewer lamp (diode) replacements.
  • Lower utility bills through higher efficiency.

Each periodic maintenance visit provides:

  • A complete system diagnostic, including any required adjustments, cleaning and maintenance procedures needed to bring the laser system back to peak performance.
  • A check of inventoried levels of consumables and spare parts.
  • An evaluation and any recommendation on the operational use of the laser system and the operating environment.


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When contacting us, please have the following information ready:

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