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From high energy glass, to multi-Terawatt chirped pulse amplification, to miniature high repetition rate lasers, Continuum designs the right solution for our customers. Our design team of Ph.D. laser physicists has the knowledge and experience to ensure that customer expectations are surpassed every time. Continuum boasts the largest empirical database of system components performance of any company, resulting in failsafe engineering.

Continuum has experience with a wide range of materials: Nd:YAG, Nd:YLF, Nd:Phosphate, Nd:Silicate glasses, Ti:Sapphire, and others.


Some of the Custom Systems' capabilities
  • Tailored Pump Sources
  • High-energy glass lasers
  • Customized high-energy YAG lasers
  • Chirped Pulse Amplification systems
  • Regenerative Amplifiers
  • Components
  • Wide range of other customized solutions as per customer's requirements