AgiliteTM Series
Variable Pulsewidth Laser
Energies to > 600 mJ
Outputs from 50 ns to 50 µsec
Repetition rates to 20 Hz
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Agilite Series : Variable Pulsewidths Made Standard

Agilite is a high-energy pulsed laser with selectable output pulsewidths. The system comprises an innovative laser design with programmable pulse shaping, a distributed intelligence control system, and an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI). The Agilite Nd:YAG laser is offered with energies to > 600 mJ per pulse, outputs from 50 ns to 50 µsec, repetition rates to 20 Hz. Harmonic generators tailored to specific pulsewidths are available.


Agilite Features
  • Programmable pulsewidths on a standard platform
  • Intelligent control architecture for comprehensive system management
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface