Narrow Linewidth Dye Laser
Highest Conversion Efficiency (>30%)
Lowest ASE
Highest Resolution (<0.03 cm-1)
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Vista, the Peak Performance Dye Laser

The Vista dye laser offers the highest resolution (<0.03 cm-1) with the highest conversion efficiency (>30%) and the finest precision scanning, all combined to deliver optimal performance with every scan. Our patented Moya oscillator, with its unique and enhanced optical configuration allows for narrow linewidth across the tuning curve-not just at one point. With high efficiency and the lowest ASE (Amplified Stimulated Emission), Vista achieves an excellent signal/noise ratio.

The Vista and Vista FX Features
  • Proprietary narrow linewidth oscillator (U.S. Patent #4,490,021) with lowest background
        fluorescence; 380-980 nm.
  • Vista FX-1 - doubler, 206 to 490 nm
  • Vista FX-2 - doubling and mixing, 206 to 510 nm
  • Vista FX-3 - doubling, mixing, and mixing after doubling, 206 to 510 nm
  • New intuitive computer control via Windows7 operating platform