Multipass Ti:Sapphire Ultrafast Amplifiers
Absolute minimum high order dispersion for the cleanest,
highest contrast ultrashort pulses
<25 fs
>5 mJ
M2 < 1.3
Highest Peak Intensity
Transform - Limited Pulses


  • Shortest pulse (<25 fs), with the best temporal pulse quality and no pedestals
  • High energy >5 mJ
  • Optional add-on amplifiers for higher energy
  • Excellent beam quality M2 <1.3
  • Industry-tested custom mounts for optimal stability
  • Heated enclosure for long-term reliability
  • Advanced optical design– maximizing gain and minimizing ASE
  • Ideal for the following applications:


    • OPA Pumping: Ultrashort pulses (<25 fs) for highest intensity provides best OPA conversion efficiency
    • High Intensity Physics: Reach highest peak intensities with excellent beam quality and ultrashort pulses
    • High Harmonic Generation: Best temporal pulse quality with high contrast ratio and no pedestals



  • Advanced laser control electronics Laser Control Unit
  • Easy connectivity
  • Integrated delay generator
  • 6-channel timing (one already dedicated to Pockels cell)
  • Powerful laser control software
    • Runs on Windows-based OS (XP and newer)
    • Monitoring and display of real-time  laser parameters
    • Multi-lingual support
    • Control of Pump Laser: current, frequency, trigger mode
    • Control of Amplifier: pulse energy, pulse duration



Model Odin-II Odin-II-HE
  Pulse Energy @ 1 kHz >3.5 mJ >5.0 mJ
  Pulse Duration <25 fs <30 fs
  Repetition Rate 1 kHz 1 kHz
  Spatial Mode M2 < 1.3 (TEM00) M2 < 1.5 (TEM00)
  Contrast Ratio >1000:1 Pre & Post Pulse >1000:1 Pre & Post Pulse
  Pump Laser Integrated diode-pumped solid state laser 2 Integrated diode-pumped solid state lasers