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Company Overview


Since its founding in 1975, Continuum has developed a full line of high energy solid state laser products that are now in use in scientific, industrial and commercial applications. These applications range from spectroscopy, materials analysis and Particle Imaging Velocimetry to X-ray generation and high power plasma physics.

Headquartered in San Jose California, Continuum manufactures and markets its complete family of laser products worldwide through a combination of direct sales offices in the USA, Europe, Japan, Asia, and South Asia plus a talented team of distributors. Together, we support our products with local knowledge and a team-based service approach.

In 2009, Continuum and its parent company, Excel Technology, Inc was acquired by General Scanning Group. In 2012, through a merger with Quantronix, one of its sister companies, Continuum entered the DPSS and ultrafast laser markets.

On July 15, 2014, Continuum was acquired by Amplitude Laser Group. As part of Amplitude, Continuum remains committed to serving its core customer base with new products and capabilities.

For more information, please visit: www.amplitude-technologies.comwww.amplitude-systemes.com

Continuum product groups include:

Mission Statement

To be the leading supplier of high performance, high quality solid-state lasers, sub-systems, components and custom laser solutions, while developing cutting edge technology and ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Customer Service

A global team of factory trained engineers and technicians are available throughout the US, Europe, Japan, Asia to offer our customers a choice of programs including installation, on-site upgrades, after sales service and training. At Continuum, we pride ourselves in customer satisfaction and the quality of our products and services.